Where to find cheap autoresponders and email marketing services?

Email marketing is a perfect method for capturing your prospects' contact information and then build a relationship to them that may easily translate into sales. The really good thing about this tool is that you can achieve a relatively high ROI. It allows you to precisely target your prospects - and later your existing buyers for further promotional campaigns -, scale up or down your campaigns and make sure you get the most results with controlled spendings.

When you have a restricted budget building an email list with the use of autoresponders and email marketing is just the right idea to start out. Here are a couple of recommended email marketing services:


Get Response is a popular autoresponder and email marketing service offering a wide range of features. You can manage automated subscriptions and unsubscribing, segment your contact list, set up autoresponder sequences and follow-up messages, send out emails in bulk, create email newsletter with available templates, tracking opt-in and click through rates and integrating social media and multi media.

GetResponse is a complete email marketing solution. It provides turnkey newsletter publishing and hosting features, as well as unlimited follow-up autoresponders to deliver information to your subscribers and convert them to paying customers. GetResponse is fully scalable and capable of handling both small and very large lists alike (1+ million subscribers).
- Easy to set up sign-up forms and to integrate them to your website
- You can create autoresponders sequences
- Managing groups, contacts on your list
- FREE version available
- Unlimited autoresponders, follow-ups, campaigns, lists, messages
- Pre-designed newsletter templates that you can use for your own newsletter
- Video email marketing
- 1 GB multimedia storage
- Online surveys
- iPhone App
- Powerful, automatic message personalization
- Smart tracking features (open rate, click-through rate, etc)
- Built-in anti-spam filters
- Integration with numerous software (blogs, CMS, ecommerce online store)
- Social media features
- Excellent customer support and tutorial materials
Try GetResponse now. You can register a free trial account here >


Aweber is a great choice for managing your email marketing activities starting from collecting email addresses of your subscribers, maintaining email lists, to sending out newsletters and promotional email messages without being accused of spamming.

Here are a couple of the features they offer:
- Email newsletters and autoresponders
- Email and web form templates
- Analytics for tracking your emails (open rate, click-through rate, etc)
- Message personalization
- You can create autoresponder sequences
- Social media features
Currently Aweber's monthly plans are more expensive compared to the plans offered by GetResponse. Aweber doesn't have a free trial, but for the first month you are charged a much lower fee. Try Aweber now.