Corporate Website Templates

Download corporate website templates and niche site templates

When you plan on putting up a website - be it a corporate site for your company, a niche blog or an online magazine targeting a specific market - you have many options to choose from. This wealth of option comes from the many online platforms that you can use for building a website. Will it be a static HTML site? Will it be a Wordpress blog? Will you run a portal on Drupal? Or do you plan to build an online store using an ecommerce script?

  • What are corporate websites?
    Usually company websites are referred to by this term. They can start from a very minimal 1-page site (though usually more like a 5 to 10 page site) where you find the basic information about the company. A history, products or services offered, prices, the staff, testimonials and references, contact information, terms of use, disclaimers and privacy policy. They can also be very large sites with extensive content, depending on the profile and the size of the firm.

  • What are niche sites?
    Niche sites are websites that target a specific market segment and offer information, products, articles, multimedia content, forum, etc, to this audience. For example, a niche site can be a website devoted to 'educational toys for toddlers', 'gluten free lunch box recipes' or 'dating advice and services for baby boomers'. These sites are often built on a content management script like Wordpress, Drupal, Mambo, Joomla, but HTML sites are also common. Currently Wordpress blogs seem to be most on the rise for building a niche site.

1. Website templates for HTML websites

Static HTML sites are perfect if you know a bit about web editing and you want to build a website that consists of only a couple of pages. Contrary to what just we called them, they aren't always that static at all. You can implement PHP forms and javascripts to spice up your pages and give more functionality to them (e.g. contact form, sign up forms, counters, sliders, etc).

Where to get HTML corporate website templates and niche site templates?

Themeforest offers hundreds of templates to choose from. Just follow the links below:
- Corporate HTML templates >>
- General HTML templates including niche templates >> (you will find sub categories for creative, retail, nonprofit, personal, entertainment, etc)

Using online site builders for building HTML websites

Many hosting companies offer a drag-and-drop style online site builder to enable for absolute beginners to create their very own website. Some of these site builders are even suitable for editing templates that you downloaded elsewhere, or the hosting company provides their own templates for you. Check out Bluehost or Hostgator. Both of these hosting companies offer site builders included in their hosting packages.

2. Website templates for Wordpress sites and blogs

Wordpress is an ideal platform for starting and running a website when you don't want to bother with programming, design or any other complicated stuff. When you only want to create / edit / delete content within a mainframe that works pretty much on an automated basis. Wordpress is super easy to use and at the same time it offers a wide range of functionality, usually in the form of plugins. (Plugins are basically mini scripts that you download and install on your Wordpress site.)

Where to get Wordpress templates?

Over the years Themeforest has become one of the leading site for providing web themes for Wordpress. Just follow the links below for browsing for templates.
- General Wordpress templates >> (including templates for niche blogs / sites)
- Wordpress templates for corporate websites >>

3. Templates for corporate websites and niche sites that run an online store or are used for selling products

If your business is engaged in ecommerce - be it a large online store or selling only a couple of stuff online - then you should check out out recommendations about sales page templates, that includes a section on ecommerce scripts, as well, such as Magento, osCommerce, ZenCart, CubeCart, etc.

In case you have a website that runs on Wordpress (either a corporate site or a niche blog), you may want to try a plugin that was specifically designed for selling on Wordpress, or a template for either Woocommerce or WP e-Commerce, which are ecommerce templates for Wordpress.

What to do next?

Now, it's time to build your own highly targeted email list. In order to do that you will need an autoresponder to get people to your sign up page. Discover here which autoresponder would be best for you.