Download website templates, graphics and print templates

Using website templates, print templates, pre-made graphical elements and stock photos in your business saves you a lot of time and money. Instead of hiring a professional designer, photographer or a programmer for building a website from scratch, why not have a shortcut? There are thousands of stunning pre-made designs for templates that you can download instantly from the internet and use right away. And if you want to spice up your website visually, or use professional photos for your advertising material, a low budget way to do that is to download stock photos from stock photo sites where millions of pictures are collected in one place.

1. Squeeze page templates, opt-in /sign up page templates:

Squeeze page templates, or opt-in page templates are often used by businesses and marketers to capture prospects' email addresses and build a highly targeted email list. Email marketing is a very powerful tool to turn prospects into customers and later on, into repeat buyers. Download templates and read more →

2. Sales page templates, landing pages, ecommerce templates:

When you sell a product or service through the internet, a sales page where you display your offer is essential. Depending on what type of website you operate - static HTML or a dynamic website, probably run on a CMS program -, you can choose from a wide variety of ready made templates. Download templates and read more →

3. Corporate website templates, niche site templates:

When you plan on putting up a website - be it a corporate site for your company, a niche blog or an online magazine targeting a specific market - you have many options to choose from. This wealth of option comes from the many online platforms that you can use for building a website. Will it be a static HTML site? Will it be a Wordpress blog? Will you run a portal on Drupal? Or do you plan to build an online store using an ecommerce script? Download templates and read more →

4. Graphics, web elements, print templates and stock photos:

Enhance your website's look with different graphical elements and stock photos or download ready-made print template that you can use as a promotional material for your business. Download templates and read more →